This hands-on WordPress training course will quickly teach you how to manage a WordPress website and use it to grow your business online using the full range of tools and strategies favoured by leading digital marketers.

Learn interactively by working through business-focused exercises on a practice WordPress website and gain practical experience using premium sales and lead generation software tools.

Who is our WordPress Training for?

While our WordPress training is most often used by small business owners and their team members, or people keen to start a new business, it is equally use for: teachers, museum staff, scientists, researchers, campaigners and anyone that finds they need to use WordPress to communicate on their topic of expertise using this publishing platform.


Basic computer knowledge is required for this course. No prior coding knowledge is required. A demo web hosting account and domain name with the WordPress software pre-installed will also be provided to each student. Participants will be required to bring their own laptops with WIFI access capability.

Learning outcomes

After completing the class, you will have:

After coming on the WordPress course you will be able to:

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